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Our main focus is to help vulnerable communities break the cycle of poverty by empowering people of all ages to dream, aspire and fight for a positive outcome.

Food Poverty Support

Advice & Support

Social Isolation Support

9,012 Families Supported

5,433 Elderly Supported

3,988 Disabled Supported

Food Poverty Support

The We Care UK food bank service supports vulnerable communities against food poverty. We provide support against child hunger and support families to provide meals during school holidays.

Each Food parcel contains 7 days worth of food for a minimum of 4 people.

Our service provides food parcels across Leicestershire - Warwickshire - Coventry - Solihull

Advice & Support

Our community support is designed to help vulnerable communities overcome negative situations and come together and actively participate in strengthening the community as one.

We provide a free advice and support service to support with

• Welfare Benefits Support
• Housing Advice
• Debt & Advice Support

Social Isolation Support

We Care UK is committed to building a stronger community to prevent social isolation and loneliness with our elderly service users.

Social isolation support provides a free 30 minute session which supports the elderly 60+ to get online and learn new skills.

Whether it's learning how to video calling family and friends, making an online food shop, pursuing hobbies and interests, or accessing local resources we are here to support you.

Good News Stories

Vital Support

#WeCareUK Steps In To Provide Vital Support

During the Covid-19 lockdown #WeCareUK came across a vulnerable 72 year old lady with terminal cancer. She was living in an unhabitable property whilst undergoing chemotherapy.

After failed attempts of securing support from public bodies, #WeCareUK stepped in and transformed the life of the service user.

We teamed up with our private donors and Selco, together we were able to purchase a new kitchen and brand new working appliances.

'I've struggled for 10 months without a kitchen, the appliances were all condemned and I was left alone with no support. Physically I was weak due to the treatment but mentally I was in a really dark place, I am forever greatful to Jason and Harpreet who are my angels sent by god to support me during these difficult times, Thank you'.

Vital Support

Over 15,000 Vulnerable People Supported since March 2020

#WeCareUK has ben committed to supporting vulnerable communities.
Since March 2020 we have supported over 15,000 service users, the NHS, Charities & Community Organisations.

We are committed to supporting those in need and will continue to provide support.

Vital Support


Our founders quickly realised the devastating impact that Covid-19 was having on vulnerable families.

#WeCareUK volunteers have been working extremely hard to support 1,900 children.

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